The world of Abeir-Toril is not as it was. The year is 1479 by the Dalereckoning. Not quite a century has passed since the death of the goddess Mystra unleashed the Spellplague that nearly destroyed the world. Former great cities and empires have decayed or completely collapsed, and new kingdoms have arisen from the debris.

The Sword Coast North, once a vast barely-tamed land of fertile fields, beautiful forests, and great mineral resources, has reverted almost completely to untrammeled wilderness. The formerly great city-states of Luskan and Neverwinter lie in utter ruin. The one bright spot of civilization north of Waterdeep is the ancient town of Port Llast. Lilliana Dothwintyl, great-granddaughter of the revered First Captain Haeromos Dothwintyl, leads the government; her younger brother Embrenal is captain of the town guard. Together they have managed to preserve the town and its excellent harbor against the predations of roving bands of orcs, rogue mercenary companies, rampaging beasts from the nearby Neverwinter Wood, and various other threats.

Unbeknownst to them, however, a threat will soon come that they are ill-prepared to cope with: an ancient evil from ten centuries past. To preserve their people, their town, and what is left of free civilization in the North, they will have to turn to an unlikely group of allies: you and your party of adventurers.

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Vyshaanti Legacy